White label forex broker. Truth & Myths. Part 1

-+*White label forex broker. Truth & Myths. Part 1. For educational purposes only. ????WHITE LABELS ARE CHEAP???? Truth is yes, memang murah untuk setup WL even ada yg free setup.. Ada yg bayar ansuran. Tp sebenarnya ada byk WL yg guna full package dimana setup WL umpama full brokerage. Beberapa jenis WL adalah umpama sperti 

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Forex Trading: Are My Funds Safe?

-+*This question appears on the top of many traders’ minds. That’s because true stories abound on traders being victimized by brokerage companies shutting down either due to compliance issues or to misappropriation of funds. We traders are put in the precarious position of being forced to “trust” that our chosen brokerage company is treating funds 

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Instaforex kini tidak berlesen?

-+*  InstaMarkets (part of Instaforex) lost its license By International Financial Services Commission of Belize (IFSC) WARNING NOTICE   InstaMarkets Ltd. It is hereby notified for general information that InstaMarkets Ltd., an international business company with its registered office at 35 New Road, Belize City, Belize, is no longer licensed by the International Financial Services Commission of 

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